Should Josslyn Jacks and Cam Webber Go on a General Hospital Break?

General Hospital Cameron and JosslynGeneral Hospital Cameron and Josslyn

Josslyn Jacks and Cameron Webber can’t have a normal teen romance on General Hospital. Not when a spoiled Eurotrash heiress has decided to broadcast a video of them having sex — and framed their mutual pal, Trina Robinson, for the crime.

General Hospital Polling

With all the stress, is it time for the two college co-eds to take a break from each other? How over 2,000 fans are advising the young lovebirds:

Who’s the Boss?

Yeah, this has never been a good pairing. Not because they’re the children of long-time enemies, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). Romeo and Juliet-style romance is a soap staple. But that isn’t the case here. They aren’t two meant to be teens pining for each other against family conflict. This is a mini-Carly who enjoys bossing around Cam (William Lipton), and he has too much of his mom in him to push back the way he should. Cam can do better. Free Cam, 43% beg.

Sweet General Hospital Treat

Aw, Joss (Eden McCoy) is just misunderstood, 30% of you insist. She is sweet as can be! When she’s not being selfish or hypocritical or throwing a tantrum because life hasn’t gone the way she wanted it to. She and Cam are adorable together and withstand any hardship. Especially if it’s mostly happening to Trina (Tabyana Ali).

GH Short Term

Rachel and Ross’s break on Friends didn’t last all that long, and neither should Cam and Joss’s, 27% suggest. They can temporarily break up to see what else is out there and see how they like life on their own. And then they can get back together. Because the only other woman in Cam’s age range is Trina. And you have her ear-marked for Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), thank you very much. Cam can’t be free of Joss long enough to get in the way of that.

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