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Why Sasha And Michael Will NEVER Work On General Hospital

Sasha and Michael General HospitalSasha and Michael General Hospital

The Sasha and Michael ‘relationship’ has been weird at best on General Hospital. The pair maybe met three times in various bars, and then at the boxing gym, and after a very awkward third grade moment they were back in her hotel room hitting the sheets.

Never mind that they hadn’t even exchanged phone numbers yet, but this is yet another example of Michael choosing a woman lying to him from day one. And, that never ends well for this character.

But, let’s go back to that awkward boxing gym conversation for a moment. Remember being in the schoolyard asking your crush if they maybe…kinda…like you? Well, that’s what Michael did before stripping down in Sasha’s Metro Courtroom for an unexpected roll in the hay.

After that third grade questions, did GH really think we would find these two to be sexy in any way whatsoever? Instead, we had to avert our eyes because everything just seemed so wrong.

Ok, we peeked a few times, but then all we could think is that she’ll either be in jail, Ferncliff, or dead soon anyway because that’s just what happens to Michael’s girlfriends.

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That’s not even a far-fetched scenario for this character brought to town by Valentin Cassadine to pose as Nina’s thought-dead daughter. She does feel guilty about this, so she might double-cross Valentin and that’s never a good thing.

Plus, you never know if Nina might lose her mind when she finds out and does something crazy. Either way, this can’t end well for Sasha.

This also means it can’t end well for Michael. Despite the weirdness of the pairing, Sasha is a set up for failure in Michael’s failed romance department. All we expect is more of the same.

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