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Sam’s General Hospital Confession: About Time Or Never Should Have Happened?

Jason and Sam General HospitalJason and Sam General Hospital

The fan wars are in full speed on social media as the Jasam contingent and the DreAm contingent of General Hospital (GH) fans fight it out over who Sam belongs with.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) might not even know who she belongs with still, but she does know one thing and she said it loud and clear this week–she loves Jason (Steve Burton) and always has.

She didn’t talk about how she feels for Drew, but she did say as soon as she saw Jason’s face when he fished her out of the water last fall, she knew exactly who he was and that he was finally home safe.

Soap Hub knows how fans who use Twitter and Facebook to praise and gripe about their favorite stories feel, so we asked you–our readers–how you feel about Sam’s dramatic declaration after a brush with death. Over 7,000 of you weighed in.

“It’s about time” scream 80% of you who breathed a sigh of relief yesterday as Sam said what so many fans already knew.

Heck, Sam admitted she was like a teenager hoping to run into the hot and handsome boy just to see his face or hear his voice. Now, that’s love.

You never understood why Sam insisted on being with Drew (Billy Miller) to begin with and why she just couldn’t explain her feelings to him. But, perhaps she could barely explain her feelings to herself.

And then there are 10% of you who were pretty shocked at what Sam had to say. Some of you believe she belongs with Drew now no matter what because time moves on and she’s built a life with him. She has a future with Drew and Jason is her past.

Others didn’t think Sam was ever going to say those three words to Jason any time soon, so they took you by surprise. However, it was a pleasant surprise.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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