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Should Sam Throw Caution To The Wind For Her Original Jason On General Hospital?

Jason and Sam General HospitalJason and Sam General Hospital

So far, Sam is determined to never make eye contact with the man she never wanted to give up and thought she had until a few weeks ago on General Hospital (GH). In fact, she’s downright cold to him, but if she isn’t, will she lose her cool?

It’s easy to see how much she yearns for him despite how much she loves her husband and safe life with her children. And there’s something to be said for that. It’s a hard situation, but how long can Sam (Kelly Monaco) hold out and should she?

Soap Hub asked if you think Sam should just give in and have one night of passion with Jason (Steve Burton) and about 6,500 of you weighed in.

Go Get Your Man, Sam!
Just do it, Sam, say 38% of you. Give your Original Jason, the one who waved goodbye in 2012 and just returned, one night of love. You know you want it, Sam, and he sure does–and sometimes we just have to grab what we want in life. There was a time Sam would do that without hesitation.

And Never Let Him Go!
Another 25% of you would never be satisfied with just one night and you don’t think Jason and Sam would be either.

Give him all the nights, Sam. Admit this is your man and let Drew (Billy Miller) down easy, you say. He can build a family with Kim (Tamara Braun) and his new-found 14-year-old.

But Drew Is Your Man, Sam!
Then, there’s the 37% of you that are over JaSam and totally on The DreAm Team. You want Sam to stay safe, stay loved, and stay with the man she married in 2016. He’s the one she belongs with now and Jason can move on with his life with someone else.

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