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Revenge He Doesn’t See Coming: Will Ava Kill Ryan On General Hospital?

Ava and Ryan General HospitalAva and Ryan General Hospital

Ryan thinks he has almost everything under control as he wanders through Port Charles impersonating his twin, Kevin. But, it’s been 25 years since he last graced the General Hospital scene, and he does NOT know Ava Jerome the way he thinks he does.

Sure, he’s got her wrapped around his finger right now, but Ava can turn on a dime if you aggrieve her. And, really, is there any bigger grievance than finding out your new boyfriend brutally murdered your daughter for no good reason?

Ryan has already found himself baffled as to why Ava’s reaction to Kiki’s death has been so extreme when he thought she hated the girl and he was doing her a favor.

But, he’s a sociopathic serial killer, so he doesn’t have normal human emotions and his aloofness is to be expected, as is his delight in learning the cops realize there’s a clever serial killer out there.

However, Ava DOES have normal human emotions. She feels all the feelings and doesn’t hide a thing. Whether her feelings are good, bad, or ugly, they are raw — and she reacts.

Soap Hub asked if you think Ava will be the one to kill Ryan in the ultimate payoff to this twisted story once she learns who he really is and what he’s done. Your response gave us a whopping 13,000 votes.

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It seems a full 81% of you thinks this story will end with Ryan on the other end of Ava’s trigger finger. She’s killed before and with much less reason. Plus, she was ready to kill Griffin with just the thought of the idea that he killed Kiki.

It would be the perfect ending to this story. The woman Ryan snowed the most this time around — a woman he adores precisely because of how vicious she can be when wronged — finally brings him down.

The other 19% of you believes this will end a whole different way with any number of people finally killing Ryan for good. It could be Carly, it could be Laura, and it could even be Kevin, but to you, it won’t be Ava.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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