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Redeeming Ava: How General Hospital Is Pulling Off the Impossible

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General Hospital’s Ava Jerome had been evil incarnate since she stepped foot in Port Charles.

Murder? Check. Setting up someone else to take the fall? Check. Ordering hits and kidnappings? Check.

Then, Ava (Maura West) topped it all off by switching Morgan’s (Brian Craig) bipolar meds with placebos, leading to his downward spiral and inadvertently his eventual death.

To say redemption seemed impossible for the sinful siren is an understatement. Yet, somehow, General Hospital is pulling off the impossible in four carefully calculated steps.

Step 1: Up in Flames
After being confronted by Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) about her role in Morgan’s death, Ava admitted all and a fierce battle ensued between the threesome.

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Desperate to take off before Sonny could exact revenge on her, Ava tossed a lit lantern at Carly — and the warehouse they were in went up in flames. While Sonny and Carly escaped, Ava was nearly killed and suffered major burns.

Step 2: Scar Face
Awakening in the hospital in excruciating pain, Ava begged Sonny, who snuck into her room, to end her miserable life. He refused, announcing that her pain and suffering was perfect payback for all her crimes.

The worst was yet to come. When Ava finally saw her hideously scarred face in a mirror, she cried out in horror, realizing it was her comeuppance — the punishment and fate she deserved.

Step 3: Enter Griffin
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