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Sonny Corinthos And Nina Are Engaged, Carly Is Enraged

The GH recap for May 23, 2023, have Sonny getting down on one knee with a ring.

the general hospital recap for may 23, 2023, has sonny corinthos and nina getting engaged.Sonny Corinthos and Nina plan to get married.

The General Hospital recap features Sonny Corinthos pouring his heart out to Nina as he whipped out an engagement ring he was saving for the right moment.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Sonny did his best to get Nina to say yes while Carly chastised Olivia for not kicking her husband out of his family house. Dex and Spencer came to blows at the boxing gym and Trina was quite disappointed in Spencer. Brook Lynn had a theory on who might have turned Carly and Drew into the SEC, but her life was interrupted by a highly romantic gesture from Chase. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Sonny Corinthos Is In Love

When Nina (Cynthia Watros) pointed out that Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) family will always exclude her, Sonny decided to make her his family and impulsively asked her to marry him. Nina was stunned and immediately said no. Nina thought that Sonny’s proposal was just out of pity, and he said that it all came from love. Sonny soon launched a whole speech about spontaneity did not mean he wasn’t serious while giving Nina a sweet and heartfelt declaration of love.

Nina asked if Sonny had ever thought of proposing before then, and Sonny admitted that yes, he had before whipping out a gorgeous rock of an engagement ring from his pocket. Nina was speechless at that point, and in tears, by the time Sonny explained he had been carrying this custom-made ring around for days waiting for the right time to pop that all-important question. Nina still said no because she was afraid being his wife would hurt him more.

Sonny insisted he still wanted to marry her no matter what because she accepts him for who he is and doesn’t ever try to change him. He had loved her from the time he met her in Nixon Falls and was happy not to have to put on his mobster persona when he was with her. He pointed out how similar they were and begged her to be his partner for life. Tears were flowing by the time Sonny got down on one knee, and she finally said yes.

Carly and Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) ran into one another at the Metro Court, and Olivia feared Carly could never forgive her because of what both of them assumed Ned (Wally Kurth) did that he didn’t do. Olivia didn’t even attempt to stick up for her husband as Carly disparaged him despite having zero proof that he is the one who called the SEC.

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General Hospital: Carly Learns Sonny Corinthos Is Engaged

However, Carly was horrified that Olivia didn’t kick Ned out, and Olivia bowed her head in shame when Carly chastised her. Finally, Olivia told Carly that she wasn’t about to throw away her marriage just because Ned told the truth. We guess that’s good, but she still doesn’t believe what her husband tells her. Carly didn’t see any tip to the SEC as telling the truth, but Olivia reluctantly admitted that Carly did exactly what she was being accused of — insider trading.

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When Olivia walked away from the conversation, Carly was shocked to see Nina and Sonny celebrating and announcing their engagement.

GH Recap: Brook Lynn’s Love Life Falls Into Place

Chase (Josh Swickard) and Finn (Michael Easton) sat down at the Metro Court to discuss Chase’s lunch with Tracy. Chase couldn’t understand why Tracy would call him judgmental and wondered if Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) thought of him the same way. Chase pointed out that he might have been unfair to Brook Lynn and wondered if he should forgive her.

While Brook Lynn tried to write song lyrics, Ned walked into the room on the phone trying to find out who really tipped off the SEC about Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Carly (Laura Wright). Ned was more interested in seeing BLQ’s dark love song lyrics than he was talking about business, so Brook Lynn lamented the status of her relationship with Chase. Soon Tracy arrived, and they started discussing the SEC again. Brook Lynn figured out that the person who called the feds might only be trying to hurt Carly or Drew and not both of them.

After Ned left the room, Tracy told Brook Lynn about her lunch with Chase and told her to stop pining after someone who couldn’t appreciate her for who he was. Ned returned, and bickering ensued, but soon BLQ heard her song playing outside, and it was Chase there to play guitar and sing it to her Say Anything-style as Finn held a mini boom box above his head. Brook Lynn burst into tears as Chase sang words of love to her. That was enough for Brook Lynn to take him back. And now we have Chalynn again.

General Hospital Recap: Spencer And Dex At Odds

Dex (Evan Hofer) let out his frustrations on a punching bag at the boxing gym and tried to play nice with Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) when he walked in. Spencer still doesn’t like the guy, so he wasn’t receptive to Dex’s small talk and told him that he still didn’t trust him. Trina (Tabyana Ali) heard the whole thing and just wanted Spencer to try to get along with Dex. She made a point of being friendly with Dex, but when Dex walked away, she told Spencer he was being a jerk.

Spencer pointed out that Josslyn (Eden McCoy) would never stay with one of Sonny’s employees long-term anyway, so there was no real need to be kind to Dex. Josslyn soon arrived and was happy to share a reunion with both Spencer and Trina. After Joss mentioned she was fighting with Michael (Chad Duell), Trina chastised her for doing so as his wife lay dying. Joss insisted she had good reason, but she refused to tell her friend what that reason was.

When Dex got to the sauna, he just wanted to relax, but soon Josslyn appeared in a towel to make his day. Well, at least he wanted her to be there because it turned out to be a fantasy. Spencer was the real person who walked in, and Spencer made a point of once again telling Dex that he knew Josslyn much better than Dex did. Dex told Spencer that he may have known Josslyn as a kid, but Dex knows her now as a woman. This all resulted in Spencer decking Dex, but Dex got the upper hand in the end. When Trina learned what had happened, she was furious at Spencer.

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