Sasha Has A Long Overdue Talk With Willow Tait

The GH recap for June 16, 2023, has Willow hearing some things from Sasha she might want to take to heart.

the general hospital recap for june 16 2023 has sasha giving willow tait some hard facts.Did Willow Tait take what Sasha said to heart?

The General Hospital recap features Sasha visiting Willow Tait and giving the not-dying-anymore young woman something to think about.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Sasha went to bat for Nina whether Willow liked it or not. On another floor, Ned thrilled his family when he woke, and then he shocked them. In a break room, Elizabeth and Finn played backgammon. Cody went to Sam for help while Sam’s mom had a confession to make to Diane. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Willow Tait Hears Some Truths

Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) paid a visit to Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) in her isolation room looking the part in her mask and gown. Willow immediately noticed that Sasha had been crying, and Sasha confessed the tears were because of Nina (Cynthia Watros). Of course, Willow immediately assumed Nina had done something terrible to make Sasha cry, but Sasha assured her that it was tears of joy.

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Willow was confused, so Sasha reminded her of the time when she and Nina were at odds, but how much that had changed. Nina had just written Sasha a beautiful letter of recommendation to end her guardianship. Willow was happy for her but still not happy with Nina. Sasha was then blunt with Willow and told her that whether she liked it or not, Nina was there for her when she needed her most and was a large part of her mental health recovery.

General Hospital Recap: Willow Tait Learns About Grace

Finally, finally, someone explained Nina’s pain to Willow when she reminded her that she pretended to be the daughter Nina searched years for, and it was Willow who turned out to be one of her daughters. Nina could have remained angry and resentful of Sasha forever, but instead, she showed grace and strength and forgave her.

As expected, Willow didn’t want to hear it. What Sasha did was forgivable, but Nina upset Carly (Laura Wright) and Michael, (Chad Duell), and something like that can never be forgiven. Sasha didn’t give up and described all the horrible things she once did to Nina — and still, Nina found it in her heart to forgive. Sasha even pointed out that she put Brando (Johnny Wactor) through hell with her addiction, but both Brando and Nina showed her grace. Even Cody (Josh Kelly) forgave her for wrongly accusing him of stealing the bracelet.

Sasha then read the letter Nina wrote on her behalf, explaining that everyone deserves a second chance to build a life even after making mistakes. All Willow could say was that Nina writes well. Sasha explained that Nina writes from her heart and suggested that maybe Nina was writing about her own self. She then wondered if Nina’s capacity for forgiveness might be hereditary. Shockingly, Willow asked if she had been too hard on Nina.

GH Recap: The Return Of Eddie Maine?

Michael and Chase (Josh Swickard) talked in the hallway, where Michael updated him on Willow. Chase admitted he was staying away from The Ned Awakening because he didn’t want to deal with Tracy (Jane Elliot). The two men talked about fatherhood, and Michael asked Chase if he ever thinks about children. Chase insisted it was definitely too soon to think about that with BLQ.

TJ warned the family before waking Ned (Wally Kurth), and they all waited with bated breath. And waited. And waited. He removed the sedation IV and left Tracy, Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) in Ned’s room to argue about the timing of when he might come to. Finally, Ned woke up, and all he could do was look confused and ask for water. When TJ asked Ned if he remembered how he hurt his head, it was clear Ned was confused. He knew he had taken a fall in Port Charles in the year 2023 but insisted his name was not Ned. No, the man who just woke from a coma was rocker Eddie Maine.

General Hospital Recap: Backgammon, Tea, And Horses

Finn (Michael Easton) occupied his lonely self by playing a game of backgammon on his own, but then Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) walked in and interrupted Finn’s moment. It turned out he was practicing so he could play a game with Tracy. Elizabeth decided she would help him with his practice. Liz got to learn the whole history of Backgammon during this odd game. At least talk soon turned to her new head nurse position, something Liz couldn’t wait to start. She was just happy to be carrying on her grandmother’s tradition. Liz even told Finn she missed him at her celebration the night before because he was one of her BFFs.

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) met up for coffee and tea, and Alexis was excited to learn that Holly (Emma Samms) had left town. That meant Diane now had a clear path to Robert (Tristan Rogers). Diane admitted that she wasn’t even sure if she and Robert were compatible. Talk then turned to business, and Diane’s new cryptocurrency client, but neither woman seemed to understand digital currency. As Alexis tried to give her advice, Diane rightly told Alexis that she missed being a lawyer.

Alexis denied it at first but then had to admit she felt like she was missing a limb. Alexis admitted she couldn’t just stand on the sidelines and watch anymore, meaning the reporter life was not for her. Still, she was willing to make lemons of lemonade, even if she was doing something altruistic and employing Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). Alexis confessed she hired her as a favor to Laura (Genie Francis) but also felt a camaraderie with her since they both had psychotic parents.

Cody called Sam (Kelly Monaco) and asked to meet down at the Quartermaine stables because he needed her help. When Sam and Cody met face to face, Cody asked her to brainstorm a plan to bring Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) down. Sam figured out that Cody was mainly concerned about Sasha learning the truth about her mother-in-law and told Cody they needed to focus on clearing his name first.

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