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GH Spoilers Speculation: Will Chase Forgive BLQ’s Back-Room Deal?

Will Tracy Quartermaine break up her granddaughter’s GH relationship?

gh spoilers speculation about chase and brook lynn.Will Harrison Chase get angry all over again?

GH spoilers teased that Chase is so happy to be back on the Port Charles Police Force. Will he still be happy once he finds out that it was Tracy who got him his reinstatement hearing – and that it was Brook Lynn who asked her grandma to throw some money around and make it happen? What will happen once the truth comes to light?

GH Spoilers Speculation: Over and Out

Chase (Josh Swickard) is such a straight arrow, 21% of you sigh. He honestly believes the world should be run on the up and up. And once he learns that Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) actually asked Tracy (Jane Elliott) to pull some strings for him, well, he won’t stand for it! And he’ll break up with Brook Lynn. Again.

General Hospital: Growing as a Person

Chase isn’t the guy he was even a year ago, 25% of the audience is hoping. Was he being honest when he helped Brook Lynn pretend they were Bailey’s parents? No, he was not. He finally understood that, once in a while, you need to tell a lie for a good cause. He won’t be thrilled with what Brook Lynn and Tracy did. But he will understand why they did it. And he’ll let Brook Lynn slide without a lecture. Or a breakup.

GH Spoilers: Cool Off

A winning 54% of voters, however, want it both ways. You expect Chase to be upset and for there to be drama. What’s the point of watching soaps if there is no drama? But then you also expect him to calm down and forgive her. And there will be romance. What’s the point of watching soaps if there is no romance? You want it all. You want it all, and you want it now. Why shouldn’t you get it?

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