Laura Collins Warns Victor and He Makes A Lethal Warning Right Back

The GH recap for January 25 2023, features a lethal warning from Victor to Laura.

general hospital recap has laura collins, wearing black, shocked by what she's hearingLaura Collins

The General Hospital recap features Laura Collins trying to take care and reassure her granddaughter about her father as her grandfather threatens to kill him, and so much more.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In addition to Laura (Genie Francis) in this episode, her granddaughter puts her grandfather on blast, Carly confides in the one person who isn’t judging her right now, Spencer and Trina have questions for Cameron, and Olivia counsels Drew on his big feelings. Now let’s dig a little deeper into this episode.

Laura Collins Means Business

Laura brought Charlotte (Amelie McLain) for a girls’ night out to the Metro Court, and they asked Martin (Michael E. Knight) to join them, but he was afraid he’d be a downer. Martin asked Laura if she was considering working with Cyrus to bring down Victor. She wondered if he was. She warned about Cyrus having an agenda, and he backed down and said he isn’t really thinking of working with Cyrus. She promised that Valentin is making headway in finding Lucy. Martin hinted that he had a new way of getting to Victor, and Laura said she knew he was representing Esme. He said he’d never work if he had to wait for her approval of his clients. She warned if he tries to outmaneuver Victor, he’s going to end up in trouble.

Victor (Charles Shaughnessy), on the phone, realized the woman might not like the accommodations, but she could be the key to his plan. Charlotte overheard him, and he told her not to move. He asked how she was, and she said she’d be much better if she knew where her father was. Victor asked why she thought he was keeping her dad away from him, and she called him on his boarding school ploy keeping her from Valentin. Laura interrupted and took Charlotte away just as Victor got a call. Once away from Victor, Charlotte asked if Laura knew where her father was. Laura tried to say he was safe, but Charlotte didn’t seem to be buying it. Laura excused herself and took the moment to confront Victor. He warned her not to turn Charlotte against him…if Charlotte ever wants to see her father again.

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Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Anna (Finola Hughes) found Lucy and worked to get to her through the bars as Renee simply watched. Once they succeeded, Renee pulled a gun and said none of them were leaving. She brought in backup and then called Victor. She put him on speakerphone and addressed Valentin and Anna, worrying Lucy that they were all about to be killed. Victor told Valentin he will always be his son and he won’t give up on him and then instructed henchman Gavin to take Valentin and Lucy and get rid of Anna.

That made Valentin go berserk as Anna remained calm. That’s because when she appeared “lost,” she was hiding C4 and blew things up. Valentin tells Renee that Anna was onto her from the beginning. The super spies sprung into action — kapow! But then the three get away, and the others die in the flooding. Lucy wants to call Marty, but Anna and Valentin break the news that the world now thinks they are dead — and they have to stay that way.

GH Recap: Catching Up

Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Trina (Tabyana Ali), clued in by Laura, went into Kelly’s to be there for Cameron (William Lipton). Spencer told Trina that Joss stabbed Cam in the back, and the guys couldn’t believe Trina hadn’t heard about the breakup. She was incensed that she was just hearing about it, and Spencer intimated that it was more than Joss was saying — and Cam’s look told him he was right. When Trina pressed, saying they could maybe reunite, Cam blew up, saying they were over, and then he attacked the two of them, asking why they are still together when Esme has been found. Spencer stood up for Trina, and she appreciated it as Cam stalked off.

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Trina offered to be there for him during Britt’s service. With The Hook still out there, the twosome decided to keep up their charade. Trina warned her folks were not happy, but she said she told them they need to respect her boundaries. Trina asked about Nikolas, and Spencer said he wants nothing to do with him. Trina thinks he’ll have to make an effort for his sibling’s sake, and Spencer says not necessarily.

General Hospital Recap: It’s A Matter of Trust

Carly (Laura Wright) dropped by Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy) dorm room after getting an urgent message from her. She told her mom she screwed up big time and went into her arms. She told her she lost Cam as a friend and had to admit to her mom that he found Dex with her. She recapped what happened and said how sorry she was — not that she was with Dex but that she hurt Cam. Carly drew a comparison between her and Jason — and asked if being with Dex made her feel safe. Joss said it did, and Carly warned it was a dangerous path. Carly said she was just like her, and no one can tell her what to do. But she advised her life was in two parts — before meeting Jason and after. It will be the same with Dex — the person you want to lie for, even if he doesn’t want you to, who you take risks for, etc.

Carly doesn’t want that for her. Joss said she can’t unmeet him, uncare about him. What’s going to happen is already started, and she doesn’t want it to stop. Carly asked her to never lie to her — and she will always have her back. Joss agreed and asked if she missed Jason. Carly said every day, and then Joss asked about Drew. Carly reminded that Drew feels betrayed by her lies. Joss asked if she was giving up, and Carly said she was holding onto hope they can work through it. Joss realized it’s better to tell the truth than defend a lie. Carly appreciated her wise daughter.

Drew (Cameron Mathison) took his turn hanging out with Wiley, who brought up Grandma. This, of course, sent Drew to a flashback to his time on the Florida beach with Carly. Olivia dropped by and sent Wiley up to the main house to give Drew a break. They talked about the Willow situation, and he was surprised she knew Nina was her mom. She admitted she heard through the Q grapevine. Drew lamented that it was so delayed but held his tongue for five seconds and then told her everything about Carly’s deception.

Olivia wondered if their friendship could survive this. She could tell he was angry but also still cares about her. He admitted he did. Olivia stood up for Carly, which made Drew say understanding Carly and trusting her are two different things. He wasn’t sure how they could have a future. Olivia said Carly feels things deeply, and she was probably at war with herself over this. He brought up the lying thing, and Olivia said that was a decision he’d have to make. Drew ended up at Carly’s.

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