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Note To GH: Drew Cain Still Has Jason Morgan’s Memories

Some strange things have been said by Drew Cain on General Hospital and it makes us think we’re not the only ones confused.

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Ever since Drew Cain reappeared on our General Hospital screens last year, now played by Cameron Mathison, he has seemed like a whole other character in every way and as if he was given the name Drew Cain by coincidence. There is absolutely nothing about him that resembles the Drew once played by Billy Miller — and that seems to be the fault of the writing.

Drew Cain Can’t Remember Being a Navy SEAL

Every time Drew has talked about his memories from the time he was in the service, we have wanted to scream. He did it again recently when he told Carly (Laura Wright), who is still searching for a new last name, that he remembered sleeping techniques from his time as a Navy SEAL. Um, no, he does not. He has none of his memories prior to when Peter August (Wes Ramsey) kidnapped him from Afghanistan via David Henry Archer, AKA Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), well over a decade ago.

After Drew was kidnapped, he was given his twin brother Jason Morgan’s memories, and even believed he was Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) for a few years until the real Jason showed up, giving two characters the same set of memories for a while. But, the Drew that is now with us seems to have all his memories back, and that is just not possible.

The last we saw of Drew before he got on a plane to Afghanistan that was believed to have crashed, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) had just been implanted with his former foster brother’s memories via a flash drive. When Franco’s Drew memories were erased, those memories were still on that flash drive, and Drew was presumed dead after being told that giving him back his old memories would erase the new ones he had made of his late son, Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt), and his young daughter, Scout Cain.

Drew Should Remember More About Carly

Since Drew is supposed to have Jason’s memories, he should also know a whole lot more about Carly, the woman Drew is now falling for after telling himself they had this great friendship before he was presumed dead for two years. The truth is Carly dropped Drew like a hot potato the moment she learned he wasn’t the real Jason, but since Drew is supposed to have his allegedly dead brother’s memories, he shouldn’t be learning new things about Carly that Jason should know.

In fact, if Jason was the person who was in charge of Virginia Benson’s grave from the time she died years ago, shouldn’t Drew have known that and reminded Carly about it since this seems to be an important piece of life information? He should not have been shocked when Carly just informed him about the whole mixup with her adoptive mother’s grave because he would have known Jason was the contact person.

Did the GH writers just forget this important plot point about what Drew can remember, or is this just another rewrite to force another couple and story down our throats that is just not working? Either way, Drew having Jason’s memories and not his own pretty much defined him, so this really isn’t something any soap should ever retcon.

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