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Is Possessive Drew Also Annoying Drew On General Hospital?

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Sam already chose Drew over Jason on General Hospital (GH). So why is he holding on so tightly, as if she still might bolt?

Does Drew (Billy Miller) know something Sam (Kelly Monaco) refuses to admit? Like that she is still in love with her first Jason (Steve Burton)? Or is he just trying to prove that he cares more than the guy who would happily drop his wife and child anytime Sonny (Maurice Benard) snaps his fingers or Carly (Laura Wright) shrieks?

Here’s what over 15,000 of you had to say about Drew’s seeming possessiveness.

Turn It Down a Notch, Dude
Calm down, Drew, 78% of you feel compelled to raise your voices (at least type in ALL CAPS) to be heard over the amnesiac’s paranoia.

There’s no need to go on like this. Sam has made her choice. She married you. She said goodbye to Jason. No need to hold on so tight. Sam bruises easily.

Plus, neediness isn’t exactly an attractive quality in a man. Don’t force Sam to keep reassuring you. That’s the best way to drive her away. And you know whose arms will be ready and waiting. And grim-faced.

All Is Fair In Love and War
Drew has every right to be anxious, counter a defensive 21%. Jason may be standing there all stoic and saying Sam should make her own choices. But Drew knows the hunky hitman wants Drew’s wife. He’s just biding his time, waiting for Sam to come to her senses.

And if Drew doesn’t want that to happen, he should be showering the woman with attention, letting her know how much he loves and values her. How important their family is to him, how he loves Danny as much as he loves Scout.

You know, all the things Jason won’t say. Drew needs to keep reminding Sam why she picked him. That’s not paranoid. That’s smart!

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