Get Over It: Why Is General Hospital’s Michael Corinthos Still Mad At Sonny?

Will this GH family feud ever come to an end?

michael corinthos has been mad at sonny for a long time on general hospital.Should Michael still be mad at Sonny Corinthos?

On General Hospital, Michael Corinthos wasn’t mad at Sonny Corinthos when his adoptive dad got him shot in the head. He was only briefly mad at Sonny when he learned he’d killed his biological father. What made Michael truly furious with Sonny was when Daddy dumped Mommy for that awful, awful Nina.

General Hospital Polling

Michael (Chad Duell) even hired Dex (Evan Hofer) to infiltrate Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) organization and bring him down. Will he ever get over his snit? What over 2,000 fans are expecting:

Michael Corinthos: In the Right

We don’t blame Michael, 3% proclaim. Sonny swore to love, honor, and cherish Carly (Laura Wright) until death do they part. Several times, he swore this! At several different wedding ceremonies. And, no, Sonny, being presumed dead doesn’t count. You owed it to Carly to remember her, even when you had amnesia. Everything Michael has headed your way, you deserve.

General Hospital: Father Knows Best

Of course, Michael should get over his anger, but we doubt that he will, 10% sigh. He’s a stubborn dude. Also, not very bright. That’s a pretty dangerous combination when it comes to grudges. Unless Sonny reunites with Carly or does something truly extraordinary to make Michael forgive him – like maybe miraculously cure Willow’s (Katelyn MacMullen) cancer through the power of his dimples – this will keep going on indefinitely.

GH: Enough is Enough

Michael’s anger never made much sense in the first place, which is why 87% of you expect him to simmer down sooner rather than later. It’s happened before. Look how quickly Michael forgave Sonny for AJ’s death. Sure, a miracle for Willow would be nice. But Sonny will likely achieve the same results if he catches a bad cold or something, and is on his deathbed, croaking about how much he loves his family and how all he wants is all of his children around him as he blows his nose. Michael will get with the program in a jiffy!

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