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On the Couch: Why GH’s Michael Corinthos Is Obsessed With Willow’s Life

Why Michael feels to blame for her GH illness.

michael corinthos general hospital and it's time for him to sit on soap hub's couchIt's time for Michael Corinthos to sit on the couch.

Now, we’re not saying that any fiancé wouldn’t be obsessed with saving his love’s life, but we think Michael Corinthos and his approach to Willow’s condition on General Hospital isn’t as straightforward as all that.

On The Couch: Michael Corinthos

First of all, Michael (Chad Duell) tried to control all of Willow’s thoughts and decisions even before he knew she was sick. And now that she’s at death’s door, he continues to insist on making all of her choices for her. We put Carly’s (Laura Wright) firstborn on the couch to figure out exactly why.

General Hospital: The Michael Corinthos Protection Racket

Snarky, redheaded, preteen Michael adored his stepfather, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), to the point where we were led to believe he actually killed his biological father, AJ. Sure, that was eventually retconned — twice, both who did it, and that AJ (Sean Kanan) was dead, to begin with.

Adult Michael’s (Chad Duell) infatuation with Sonny came and went. Sometimes, Michael was Team Sonny: Ride or Die. Other times, he was all, “You’re not my real dad!” At one point, Michael even won custody of Avery and renamed her AJ!

If I Could Turn Back GH Time

Even if Michael won’t admit it, we can see for ourselves: Michael is wracked with guilt about not being able to save AJ. His biological dad was killed by his once-upon-a-time beloved stepfather. (The two are currently on the outs because Sonny doesn’t love Michael’s mommy anymore.)

Michael couldn’t keep AJ alive. But, by God, he’s going to save Willow (Katelyn MacMullen). Naturally, this started even before Willow got cancer. Remember how Michael convinced Willow that Wiley would be traumatized by spending any time with his biological grandmother, Nina (Cynthia Watros)? That’s because Michael knows what’s best for Willow, how she should live her life, and what she should think and feel.

Once she got sick, Michael’s obsession went into overdrive. Any man would want to save his fiancée. But most wouldn’t isolate her from everyone except who Michael believes is fit. We truly sympathize with him on some level. He loves her, and the idea that he might lose her like he lost AJ – due to it being his own fault – is absolutely horrifying for him. But he really needs to work through that. Before he does more harm to Willow than good. Which will start the guilt spiral up all over again.

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