Bad General Hospital Mom: Should Laura Collins Blame Herself For Nikolas?

Or is this all on the General Hospital Cassadine prince?

general hospital laura collins double image worried and shockedShould Laura Collins accept responsibility for Nik's mess?

Until recent events, Nikolas Cassadine has really been living up to his family name on General Hospital. He cheated on his wife. He kidnapped his baby mama. He threatened to kidnap Avery. He got Elizabeth to commit crimes for him. He’s fighting with his uncle and his son, and the world at large.

General Hospital Polling

And when Laura Collins (Genie Francis) called him on it, Nikolas tried to shift the blame onto her. Laura put up a strong front. But we can tell some of what Nik said got to her. Is she to blame for his turn to the dark side? Over 2,000 fans gave us their opinion.

Little GH Bits

Only 7% of you are willing to see Nik’s (Adam Huss) side of things. Laura did abandon him. Nik spent his most impressionable years being raised by an uncle with some questionable morals. And a grandmother who made Nik worship his psychotic father. Of course, he has no sense of right and wrong. And Laura does bear some blame for it.

Laura Collins: Grow Up, Nikolas

Nikolas hasn’t been a child for some 30 years, 27% of the audience would like to point out. He can no longer keep blaming Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Uncle Stefan for his rotten decisions. He knew that what he did to Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) was wrong. He knew he was making it worse by sucking Liz (Rebecca Herbst) in. Nik did it anyway. And that’s on him.

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General Hospital: Nothing Do It

And then there are the 66% who don’t believe Nik’s childhood — and that includes Laura being forced to leave him with the Cassadines — has anything to do with the crimes he committed. He can try to whine to Laura, “Sorry I’m not the son you wanted,” but this is all on him. Laura was absolutely right to read him the riot act.

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