All the Right GH Moves: Should Harrison Chase Have Dumped BLQ?

Is this relationship doomed?

General Hospital Harrison Chase dumping Brook Lynn Quartermaine

Brook Lynn Quartermaine and Harrison Chase’s relationship had seemed to have an expiration date for quite a while on General Hospital. Shockingly, a love story that started with a deception (ha — see what we did there!) ended over a deception. Who saw that one coming? But did Chase make the right call?

Harrison Chase Back and Forth

Sure, Chase (Josh Swickard) was right, but so what, 37% of you shrug. That’s just how this game is played. You break up, you make up, rinse and repeat until somebody is presumed dead or the audience gets bored — whichever comes first.

Sure, Chase is angry now. But he won’t be angry forever. Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) shouldn’t have lied to him about something as important as his career. Yeah. Lots of people in Port Charles have lied about important things. And they were forgiven eventually. Brook Lynn will be, too.

GH Matter of Trust

Then again, an almost equal 36% of the audience not only thinks that Chase was absolutely right, but that he will never, ever get over it. And why should he? Brook Lynn’s decisions weren’t based on what was best for Chase but on what was best for her. Oh, sure, she rationalized it by saying that she knew what was best for Chase. But, the truth is, she preferred dating a singer to dating a cop. And that motivated all of her decisions.

Harrison Chase Work It Out With BLQ

You have every right to be mad, 27% are kind enough to dispense, but you should work on your relationship, not walk away from it. Brook Lynn is awesome…if you look at it from the right point of view. And Chase did enjoy being with her. So what’s a lie or two between friends…much less, lovers? Make her be a better person, Chase, through your love alone!

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