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Performer Of The Week: Maura West As Ava Goes Up In Flames

Ava on General HospitalAva on General Hospital

While nobody can disagree that what Ava did was beyond any kind of wrong when she switched Morgan’s pills on General Hospital (GH), watching her ream out Carly and Sonny for being that pots calling the kettle black was quite a ride.

And nobody could deliver that ride better than Maura West, which is why Soap Hub names her GH’s Performer of the Week.

As Kiki (Hayley Erin) pointed out, Ava always plays the victim game, claiming her nefarious acts are to keep her daughters safe.

But, Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) never seem to admit to their own faults, so watching West deliver Ava’s rage as it boiled to the surface in some literally explosive and fiery scenes were a joy to behold.

West let it rip as Ava gave it as good as she was getting it from the grieving parents. While their grief was understandable, leaving anyone for dead is not, and looking at that dead look in Ava’s eyes as West acted without words later in the week brought home just how good she is.

And, when she did utter her first sounds since being burned alive, we could feel Ava’s physical AND emotional pain as she begged Sonny to just kill her.

Perhaps she wanted him to succeed on Monday. Or, perhaps everything she’s done finally hit home and living life without her small amount of dignity–and enormous beauty–is just too much to bear.

All we know is as this story plays out, West could earn this title more than once and prove again why she has that mantle full of Emmys.

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