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A Perfect Friendship? Will The Two Jasons Become BFFs?


We have a feeling General Hospital (GH) is going to have two Jasons for a long time to come, and they can either get along or not.

Surely, the one with the original face we call Original Jason (Steve Burton) is not happy about the guy who’s taken over what he thinks is his life. And, the guy with the new face we call Current Jason (Billy Miller) won’t be happy there’s a guy who thinks he’s him, since they both apparently have all those Jason Morgan memories.

However, as time passes anything can happen, so Soap Hub asked if you think they can become besties one day. Your answers were pretty evenly split.

Out of about 4,000 votes, 51% of you think they are way too different to ever become friends.

One acts like Jason Quartermaine, the man Alan (Stuart Damon) and Monica (Leslie Charleson) raised since he was about three (hmmm…who was given to a Port Charles orphanage at around the same age). He might not have the original face, but he does have the original personality.

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And then, there’s the one with the original face walking around with the personality of the man who woke up at GH in early 1997 and didn’t know who he was or how he got there. (Perhaps he was placed there…) No men could be so far apart from one another in their demeanor.

There is another 49% of you who can see a new dream team coming. Forget Sonny (Maurice Benard). The two Jasons will just flat leave him and bond like the brothers they are. And, not just brothers, but identical twins. Although they didn’t grow up together and one has a new face, they surely share the bond all twins share.

So, it can go either way, but in the meantime it sure is fun to watch.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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