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Did Claudette Have Her Once In a Lifetime Moment of Truth?

Claudette and Nathan on General HospitalClaudette and Nathan on General Hospital

Note to Nathan on General Hospital: If you ask Claudette to tell the truth for “once” in her life and she blurts out you fathered her daughter, do you really think this was her “one” time?

No wonder the PCPD Keystone Cops can’t solve a crime. Their top cops seem to believe anything anyone tells them. Sure, he asked Claudette (Bree Williamson) if she was certain and she said she and Griffin (Matt Cohen) were “careful.” Yeah, they were SO careful that you caught them in the act, Nathan (Ryan Paevey), and then SHOT Griffin in a rage. That’s some careful planning there.

It almost seemed like foreshadowing as Claudette looked at a little girl’s picture and assured her Nathan would save them as Griffin’s voice-over prayer played in the background. Sure, Claudette, you know EXACTLY who fathered this kid–IF she is even yours.

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So, is anyone else buying this story? And where IS this little girl? Since she now has a face, we assume she’ll show up in Port Charles sooner rather than later and who wants to bet that Nina somehow buys her? Unless Nina’s plight becomes another dropped story, her quest for a black market child has to tie in here somehow. Seeing that she’s Nathan’s sister, it would make perfect sense that a child he thinks is his ends up with her.

We know Claudette HAS to be hiding more, but what can it be? She claims to be in danger, she claims Nathan fathered her child, but at one time she also claimed to be faithful and we know she wasn’t. Lying about her daughter’s paternity seems obvious, but there needs to be more to this story than that.

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