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No Hard Feelings: Why Is Curtis So Chill With Drew On General Hospital?

Curtis and Drew General Hospital March 7Curtis and Drew General Hospital

Jordan was rushed to General Hospital after she was hit by a car being driven by a suddenly blind Drew (it’s a twin thing).

Curtis (Donell Turner) is freaked out about her losing both kidneys and needing either a transplant or lifelong dialysis. But, he is also pretty mellow about Drew’s (Billy Miller) role in Jordan’s (Brianna Nicole Henry) medical crisis.

Does anyone else find that…weird? We asked, and almost 30,000 viewers responded:

Fault Lines
It’s not Drew’s fault he was driving blind. (They tell people not to drink and drive, or text and drive, but there are no public service announcements about not losing your sight and driving).

Drew was part of an evil experiment that makes twins go blind — at the most inconvenient moments. Drew wasn’t aiming for Jordan, and he wasn’t being irresponsible. He was a victim, too. It wasn’t his fault, and Curtis understands that 80% of the audience counsels.

Besides, Port Charles is not the place to go if you want to see people held responsible for their actions. Port Charles is full of mobsters, and blackmailers, and serial killers – oh, my! – walking free, and even beloved. So, why should Drew be any different?

Upset Reset
It’s pretty weird, 20% of you counter. Nothing? Not even some subconscious outbursts of anger at the sight of Drew? Not wanting him to visit Jordan? A terse word? Anything?

We get that Port Charles operates under a different moral code, and the whole, Christian turn the other cheek bit, but, come on, Curtis isn’t a saint! He’s a human being, and one under a great deal of stress at the moment. People snap even when the other person isn’t to blame. For Curtis to not feel anything isn’t normal. Or, frankly, entertaining.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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