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Nina and Valentin Are Just So Full of Ick

Nina and Valentin on General Hospital March 8Nina and Valentin on General Hospital

Are we the only ones who feel that there’s something really off about the Nina and Valentin pairing on General Hospital? Forget the fact that the sex-starved Nina experienced her first-ever one night stand when she slept with Valentin after meeting him an hour prior–there’s just nothing there except a whole lot if ick and ew.

Nina (Michelle Stafford) was just becoming a sane and likable character we sympathized with when she decided her libido and uterine pangs were more important than the morality that comes with NOT sleeping with a murderer and attempted murderer. Sure, Greece couldn’t keep Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) locked up for some reason, but there were witnesses to what he did last summer and she chose to ignore them.

Is it all for a kid, meaning any kid will do? A man? Who has a kid? OMG! Nina’s problems are solved. It’s hard to even tell who’s more annoying. The woman searching for an embryo fathered by anyone or the woman who once kidnapped a kid from a uterus and will now bed and wed a murderer just to raise his kid conceived under some seriously suspicious (and icky) circumstances.

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Nina’s impromptu wedding is still a stark reminder of when she married Ric for the heck of it after the 2015 Nurses’ Ball — but at least she never slept with that husband. She actually evolved into a humane character with Franco, of all people, when they both tried making amends for all their life mistakes, then GH dropped that popular story like a hot potato.

In the end, some say Valentin and Nina are hot, and we say they are so not. Rather than making us want more, they make us want to hit fast forward whenever we see them.

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