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GH’s Maurice Benard & Dedee Pfeiffer Talk Passionately About Homelessness

The Big Sky star hopes to open your eyes to the homelessness epidemic.

GH Maurice Benard and DeDee PfeifferGH's Maurice Benard and Big Sky's DeDee Pfeiffer

If you ever drive by your city streets and think about the homelessness issue as something you want to look away from, the latest video podcast episode from State Of Mind, featuring Big Sky’s DeDee Pfeiffer, is something you must watch to the end as she leaves General Hospital star Maurice Benard speechless. They dive deep in a way that could, and should, open your mind.

DeDee Pfeiffer: From Actress To Social Worker And Back

While her sister Michelle Pfeiffer is more of a household name, the younger Pfeiffer has certainly appeared in some amazing projects and worked with big names along the way. Currently, she plays Denise Brisbane on the hit ABC show, Big Sky. As she explains it, the opportunity to play that role saved her life.

That’s because she decided to pursue her master’s in social work — something she is obviously very passionate about — and quickly realized that these professionals, whom we count on to try to help those most in need, are themselves in need because the pay is way too low.

“I went to school with a lot of people who wanted to help be part of the solution and it’s a shame that I can make more money on Big Sky…to be paid to ‘wait’ and to act for free — you know that’s what we do and then yet as a social worker, which is such an amazing thing, I don’t even work with kids, I’d be arrested — I’m such a mama bear,” making it clear that she couldn’t take what happens to them out there and would probably go too far to protect them.

That’s because it’s easy to see what a big heart DeDee Pfeifer has. She had two kids, loves animals, and wants to change a system she can see is badly broken. She calls homelessness an epidemic and believes that it’s to the point a Czar should be in charge, gathering all the top minds to figure out what can be done to help. As you watch her share her ideas and see how she truly gets it — hard-earned knowledge she got helping so many — you can’t help thinking we’d be in a better place if she were advising those in power.

Pfeiffer understands the mental health aspect very well — especially the alcoholism element, as that is a demon she has experienced with being sober for four years now, which she and Benard get into a bit. She also speaks about the veterans she’s worked with, the women, who have been through so much, including losing custody of the kids because of undiagnosed issues that then spiral. Her stories from the trenches will break your heart. They also talk about ghosts, rebirth, family, motherhood, getting assessed in school, illegally slinging drinks at a female mud wrestling establishment to afford acting classes, and so much more. Watch the full episode by clicking here.

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