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GH Stars Finola Hughes and James Patrick Stuart Talk About ‘Vanna’

GH Finola Hughes James Patrick StuartGH Finola Hughes James Patrick Stuart

The heat generated between spies Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine has thrilled General Hospital viewers for a while now, and it finally feels like the show knows what it has with these two incredible actors. Recently, their portrayers, Finola Hughes and James Patrick Stuart spoke about their incredible connection.

Finola Hughes and James Patrick Stuart Talk Vanna

The topic of their characters’ romance took front and center during the General Hospital Fantasy Events Zoom with both actors on Monday. In fact, they teased that they were both watching their carb intake, leading those gathered to wonder if a love scene is finally coming up. It’s not like either actor would ever give any spoilers away, but they were definitely willing to talk about “Vanna” and the audience’s reaction to their pairing.

“I can’t speak for anybody else,” began Stuart, “I know what I get out of it. I think it’s intelligent, I think the dialogue is intelligent. I think they spent a long time building this impossible connection that you find yourself…you cannot not be invested in it because you know their history. I think we both like each other very much and we trust each other very much, we work well together, we rehearse well together. I think everyone just picks up on that.

“I think there’s an irony to both of us,” he continued. “And there’s a super irony to this coupling. I mean, these are things I just eat up with a spoon. I don’t know if anyone can plan something like this, but…Finola and I have often finished scenes and thought, well, I got mine, I don’t know if anybody cares, but I got mine. I really enjoyed that. I feel like that hit all…ticked all the boxes for me. I’m grateful that people have responded.”

Finola Hughes then jumped in to add her take on the coupling. “Well, I think when you create, what the writers have done when you create characters that are complicated and sophisticated and you see them with other pairings, and you see it working, but then you realize that their sophistication if you like…and the things that they find turn them on is not met in the other actor or character that they’re working with…we manage to answer each other’s problems.

“There’s certain secrets and lies that we overlook in each other,” she continued, “the characters, and I think that allows us to be honest. Does that make sense? With each other as the characters, the characters are allowed to be honest with each other because I think that there is a certain amount of acceptance in the fact that it’s probably never going to be on the up and up with these two and so if you put one of them with somebody who is maybe a real earnest person it’s not going to carry as far for as long. So, we’ll see.”

“I think that was beautifully said,” remarked Stuart. “I think it’s interesting that they find this respite together, where they are equally secretive and equally manipulative, and they can cling to each other for a second, considering that didn’t work so well in other relationships, and I think that’s kind of sexy.” This sparked another idea in Hughes.

“And then the other thing that James always does when we finish a scene that’s been really sort of clever and well written, he goes, ‘Our fans are going to love that,'” which led to both actors laughing and smiling. Those in attendance made it clear that both actors are right on the nose with what makes their fans happy, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come.

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