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General Hospital WILD Spec: Will Willow Tell The Biggest ‘Lie’ Yet?

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Clearly, Willow will do anything to protect Wiley, the baby she thinks is hers on General Hospital. With that loss in court (despite Shiloh violating HIPAA laws to obtain her medical records) this week, Willow is more desperate than ever and may just say things she never planned to say.

Soap Hub thinks she’s going to pull the “He’s Not The Father” card, which may not go quite as planned since A-she has told so many people Shiloh IS the father and B-would the judge even believe it since she never spoke up before.

And, if the judge doesn’t believe it, then what happens? Well, he’d order a paternity test, of course, which would then throw Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) into a panic, not to mention Brad (Parry Shen), who is in a constant state of panic.

Willow knows Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is the father of the little boy she gave birth to, but she doesn’t know Wiley isn’t that little boy. So, of course, she’d think the test would come back proving she’s lying.

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However, she also knows Brad would do anything to keep Wiley and keep Shiloh away from him (now that he seems to have snapped out of the cult brainwashing). So, what if Willow asks Brad to do what’s he’s done SO many times before and use his capacity as the head lab technician at GH to change the paternity tests.

This would be absolutely fortuitous for Brad because he knows he wouldn’t have to do a thing because he is well aware that Michael (Chad Duell) is Wiley’s biological father and not Shiloh.

He can just present the test results as is, Willow will think he did something, and Shiloh would leave them alone legally (although suspect something else is going on because Shiloh never really disappears ever).

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