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Former GH Mates Kin Shiner and John Stamos Engage in Twitter ‘Feud’

General Hospital John Stamos and Kin ShrinerGeneral Hospital John Stamos and Kin Shriner

Kin Shriner and John Stamos are two General Hospital icons, and though Shriner has been back playing Scott Baldwin for years, it’s been decades since Blackie Parrish roamed Port Charles.

Kin Shriner Has Fun With John Stamos

However, the two actors have remained friends throughout the years, and the two are known to bust each other’s chops on social media. This week was no exception. Shriner shared a video of him next to a Vespa and recapped a memory of his former co-star.

“Now the yellow Vespas are all the rage, but back in the ’80s, Harleys were the rage, and John Stamos and I had a couple of Harleys and we once went to a place called Stanley’s,” Shriner recalls. “We backed them in, and they were nice and making a lot of noise. Big picture window, a lot of girls, but John fell over and he said ‘we can’t go in, those girls are going to make fun of us now.’”

And Shriner responded as you might expect: “Well, you fell over, I didn’t.” The two decided to roll on. But that’s not exactly the way that Stamos remembers the day. In fact, the actor let Shriner know that his memory may be a little shot.

“Okay Kin. I always looked up to you. You took me under your wing at GH. But you’ve grossly miss judged what actually happened that day,” Stamos wrote. “So I will make a video for the GREAT fans of GH and tell them the truth! Hold on people.” So, not long after, Stamos posted his own video on Twitter.

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“And now for the truth of what really happened on that faithful afternoon at Stanley’s in the Valley!” he wrote above his version of the truth. “Come on @kinshriner the GH fans are the most loyal and beautiful fans in the whole wide world and they deserve the truth!”

Stamos gets to the ribbing right away, calling his voice “fake” and imitating the low, husky voice Shriner used to tell his story.

“You’re the one who fell over,” Stamos claimed. “I said, ‘let’s get out of here,’ and you said, ‘great idea’ and then we left so we didn’t have to face anybody. But it was you who fell.”

But Shriner got in the last word with one final tweet, simply calling Stamos’s story, “hog wash!” General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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