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The New Drew Review! Does General Hospital’s (GH) Mystery Man Seem Different To You?

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You gotta feel sorry for General Hospital’s (GH) Drew. First, he woke up in the hospital and didn’t know who he was. He was Jake Doe for a while. Then, even though she denies it now, Carly (Laura Wright) convinced Drew (Billy Miller) he was the presumed dead Jason (Steve Burton), and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) backed her up.

So Drew Jason-ed for a couple of years. Even though he was never as down with the whole killing and mob-worshipping as Sonny (Maurice Benard) needed him to be.

Then, Drew learned he was actually the real Jason’s long-lost twin, and one-time “brother” of reformed psychopath Franco (Roger Howarth). So he needed a new personality. But, does it seem like he’s changed way too much since Jason’s return? Here’s what over 8,000 fans have to say:

New Name, New Face, New Man
He’s not the same man, agree 85% of you. And it’s not just because Drew got an insta-family with Kim (Tamra Braun) and Oscar (Garrett Stitt), in addition to the one he inherited from Jason.

It’s not even due to his newfound interest in running a media empire.

It’s more about how needy he is, all of a sudden. Sam (Kelly Monaco) chose him over Jason. So what’s with the clinging and the possessiveness and the needing to be constantly reassured she still loves him.

He may not be Jason… but he’s not the old Drew, either.

I’m the Same Boy I Used To Be
Drew hasn’t changed all that much, counter 14%. Sam was his first priority then, she’s his first priority now. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that the woman you love is as devoted to you as you are to her.

He understands that Sam still has residual feelings for Jason. He just wants to know where he stands.

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