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The Nelle “Reveal”–Really General Hospital? That’s It???

Nelle and Carly on General HospitalNelle and Carly on General Hospital

For months (and months, so many months it seemed like years), General Hospital fans have been waiting to learn “Nelle’s secret”–and we foolishly thought it would be worth it!

WRONG! And SAD on so many levels.

After Nelle got that letter signed from her dad, we were sure she was a puppet for someone, but it turns out, nope, not a puppet, not a puppet. Instead, she was acting all on her own little revenge kick.

We did get a slight hint a few weeks back that she might be Frank Benson’s daughter, but we thought–nope, too easy. Too dumb. There had to be some other fantastic reason she’d built that wall around her and wouldn’t let anyone in–not even sweet Michael.

But, no, Nelle’s big secret is that she is indeed the biological daughter of Carly’s adoptive father and she thinks Frank gave her kidney away just because Carly needed one for her daughter. She feels like she lost some sort of daughter popularity contest, and she was the real daughter.

And we ask–is this it? Is this her big secret? She made Sonny believe they slept together because she thought Carly somehow stole her kidney? Frank Benson was barely even Carly’s father, leaving her adoptive mother when she was only a few years old. Carly never even knew the man.

In addition, Nelle’s appearance in town after knowing Carly was looking for this kidney seems so ill-timed. And why HER kidney? It’s not even like they’re blood-related, so none of this makes any sense at the moment.

The only saving grace in this story were the performances over the last two days by Chloe Lanier and Laura Wright. As Michael just looked like a poor stooge and Sonny just stood there in the background nodding like Carly’s silent cheering squad, at least Carly and Nelle offered some drama, even if it was contrived.

Please, GH, do NOT let this be it. And, if it is, can we ask–why????

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