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Meant To Be: Will Drew and Kim End Up Together On General Hospital?

Drew and Kim General HospitalDrew and Kim General Hospital

Drew can’t remember anything that happened prior to 2014 on General Hospital, but a year ago the one person who seemed familiar to him from his former life was Kim.

That should have been a sign for some that these two might be meant to be, but Drew (Billy Miller) only remembered another man’s life and as Jason (Steve Burton), he fell in love with Sam (Kelly Monaco) and wanted to stay with her.

Meanwhile, Kim began dating Julian (William deVry) and Sam and Drew broke up, but Drew remained alone. Now, the pair is watching their son fight cancer and growing closer.

Soap Hub asked if these two truly belong together in the end and nearly 10,000 of you weighed in.

Yes, forget Sam and forget Julian, say 67% of you. Drew and Kim were meant to be from the start and have a history sitting right on a flash drive if Drew would only use it. Does it matter if he forgets the last year of not remembering Kim if he can remember being in love with her?

Besides, Julian belongs with Alexis and Sam belongs with Jason, so perhaps these two should be together by default. Or, perhaps you just see something there Drew can’t admit to himself.

The other 33% of you believe just because you shared a whirlwind romance doesn’t mean you’re soulmates.

Drew and Kim barely knew each other when they conceived Oscar (Garren Stitt). He was back in the States briefly and then was deployed again as a Navy SEAL.

Now, Drew doesn’t remember Kim ever existed, but he’s completely attached to this kid who comes from a mother that he’s only kinda sorta known a year.

Plus, you really love Kim and Julian and perhaps Margaux is the woman for Drew…

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Video Credit: General Hospital

Video Credit: General Hospital

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