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Your May Sweeps General Hospital (GH) Faves!

With May sweeps coming to a close, stories have wrapped up, giving birth to new stories or little story spinoffs. But, the big events have taken place on General Hospital (GH), and now it’s time to pick the best of the best.

Soap Hub asked which story from the last month had you most intrigued and, for some of you, it was hard to decide.

Let’s Put On A Show!
Out of about 5,000 votes, 43% of you were just happy to get to see your faves sing, dance, and have some fun. You loved the Nurses’ Ball and all that came with it.

While you were disappointed that Lucy (Lynn Herring) didn’t end up in her underwear for the second year in a row, you couldn’t wait to see all her costume changes–as well as all the ladies’ fashions for the night. The Dress That Ate Lulu especially intrigued you.

Pills! Pills! They Finally Know About The Pills!
Coming in a VERY close second with 42% of the vote was the Ava (Maura West) pill reveal. Hallelujah and praise the soap opera gods that story has finally come to a close.

If Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) had to wonder aloud one more time what happened to Morgan to make him go off the rails, you would have lost it the same way Ava did.

Watching Maura West steal the whole show as she let it all out, got it all off her chest, and gave it to Carly and Sonny was also a joy. Scenes like that are the stuff Emmys are made of.

A Can Of Chimera
You also made things very clear. The Chimera story was a dud. Only 15% of you found it to be fascinating and hope it came to a very quick close.

While we have no idea who came after it yesterday, at least Jake’s (Hudson West) part in everything seems to be over and he’s finally out from Helena’s (Constance Towers) spell.

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