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Why The Marino Mystery Is ALL Sorts of Wrong On General Hospital

Margaux and Sonny General HospitalMargaux and Sonny General Hospital

It was bad enough when the brilliantly-written and performed Mike Alzheimer’s story was invaded by the mob on General Hospital.

But considering Sonny began suspecting something was wrong with his dad because he was performing his “bag man” duties wrong, we should have seen this coming.

While Mike’s Alzheimer’s story still breaks our hearts, it was tainted a long time ago by the ‘Buried Body In Croton Story,’ which is now the ‘Vincent Marino And His Wife Were Bad So Shooting People Is OK story’ and there are so many things wrong with it, we don’t know where to start. But here goes!

First, let’s go for the most obvious story inconsistency here. At first, Sonny had ONLY buried the dead body in a field in Croton on orders of Joe Scully. It was his very first buried body in a field.

Now, out of nowhere, it seems Sonny also pulled the trigger in another first for the aspiring mobster.

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We’ll try to let that one go since this is the same soap that wants us to believe Anna slept with Faison and gave birth to his child.

However, we can’t let go of the fact that this is now a story about saving Sonny from the big, bad Margaux (who is really quite small and likes baseball like normal people).

Sure, it’s kinda mean of her to keep Drew’s flash drive full of memories from him. But it’s also kinda mean of the writers to keep the flash drive full of memories from us and drag this stupid story out for a year.

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