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Loving Liesl: Happy To Have Ominous Obrecht Back On General Hospital?

Liesl General Hospital Jan 25, 2019Liesl General Hospital

On General Hospital, Liesl Obrecht, after being on the run, has decided to make an end-run around the Port Charles police to return for her sister, Magda, a.k.a. Madeline’s, funeral. (She obviously didn’t make any contributions to the cheap coffin fund.)

But Liesl doesn’t just come with a rap sheet, she comes with a secret. Liesl helped deliver Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) baby, so she knows Jonah was born alive. Which should put quite a crimp in Lucas (Ryan Adams) and Brad’s (Parry Shen) adoption of “Wiley.” If Liesl decides to talk.

Are you happy to see her back? Over 3,000 audience members weighed in.

The Big O!
Port Charles is never dull when Liesl (Kathleen Gati) is around, 80% of you cheer. She has this way of looking down on everyone – well, except for Franco (Roger Howarth)  – that matches what fans are feeling whenever a storyline drags on too long. She gives voice to what the fans are thinking.

Plus, there’s the Wiley/Jonah thing. With Nelle off the canvas, about the only one who can put the pieces together now is Julian (William DeVry). And his bar just blew up. So he’s busy.

Liesl is poised to blow up a dozen Port Charles lives. And then she can disappear again.

Stay Away
For 19%, though, the return was at best meh, at worst, terrible. Obrecht is a one-trick – or, rather, a one joke – pony. And you’ve seen this act before.

You don’t care if she’s Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) mother-in-law and her baby’s grandmother.

She’s even crazier than her niece, Nina (Michelle Stafford). And that’s an achievement. Most of you will never forgive Obrcht for what she did to Robin (Kimberly McCullough), or for her taste in men.

Her obsession with – and lies to – Faison (Anders Hove) lead to Nathan’s death… and the continuing presence of Peter (Wes Ramsey). Go away. And take him with you.

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