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A Murderous Muddle: Did Valentin Kill Madeline on General Hospital?

Valentin and Madeline General HospitalValentin and Madeline General Hospital

Oh, no, General Hospital! Not Madeline! As long as the scheming mama was behind bars, fans could always hope for her return to wreak more havoc as only she can.

But now… Madeline (Donna Mills) is dead! (Or so we’ve been told. It’s a soap, so anything can happen, just ask… pretty much anyone in Port Charles.)

Madeline shuffled off her mortal coil soon after she confessed to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) that Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) baby wasn’t miscarried more than 20 years ago while she lay in a coma. The baby was born alive, and Madeline arranged for her to be adopted.

Valentin, knowing how much Nina has wanted a child – and how grateful she would be to whoever reunited her with it – vowed to find said offspring (who fans suspect might be right under Nina’s nose).

Did he anticipate Madeline being a problem for his endeavor? And, did he decide to get rid of her in the traditional Cassadine way? Here’s what almost 12,000 of you figure.

Murder By Death
Of course, he killed her, 60% of you voted. It’s his go-to solution for anything. As long as Madeline was around, Valentin’s role as Nina’s knight in shining armor would be in jeopardy. So, he shut her up for good.

After all, what if Madeline’s version of events didn’t match Valentin? Or, what if she sent him on a wild goose chase? Plus, Madeline is cool. “A bad Mamacita,” as her cellmates dubbed her. Valentin knew he could never compete with that….continue reading on the next page —>

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