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Wedding Bell Blues: Is Liz Headed For Another Failed Walk Down The Aisle On General Hospital (GH)?

Liz and Franco General HospitalLiz and Franco General Hospital

General Hospital’s (GH) Liz has terrible taste in men. She got Lucky with… well… Lucky when they were teens. He was her hero after Liz’s traumatic rape.

But then Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) ‘died’ – thanks, Helena (Constance Towers) and Faison (Andres Hove) – and things were never the same again. Even after Lucky (Jacob Young) came back to life, and went through a few more faces (Greg Vaughn), before getting his old face back…and getting out of town.

There was Zander (Chad Brannon), Cameron’s father, who committed suicide by cop. There was Jason (Steve Burton), Jake’s father, who prefers to kill cops, and there was Nikolas (Tyler Christopher), who was at one point presumed to be Aiden’s father, also now presumed dead. And let’s not forget Drew (Billy Miller), who she thought was Jason.

And now there’s Franco (Roger Howarth), reformed serial killer, abstract artist, and tumor survivor (Liz likes her men at least a little brain-damaged).

Is Liz (Rebecca Herbst) headed for some serious heartache in the near future via another failed walk down the aisle? Almost 8,000 viewers shared their thoughts:

Par For the Course
But, of course, predict 83% of you. For one thing, it’s a soap. Heartache is its bread, butter, and oxygen. For another, Franco is looney-tunes cuckoo, tumor or no tumor. He may claim to be reformed – look, Ma, no more serial-killing – but he’s still constantly lying to Liz.

Smooth Sailing
Nope, counter an optimistic 16%, Liz’s bad days are behind her. Her relationships with Lucky and Jason failed because they couldn’t be the men Liz wanted them to be. With Franco, his past is an open book, so Liz knows that what you see is what you get. She isn’t looking for anything different. So she is less likely to be disappointed.

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