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Should Liz Grab Any Available Jason, Or Stick With Franco On ‘General Hospital’ (GH)?

General Hospital, Rebecca HerbstGeneral Hospital, Rebecca Herbst

General Hospital’s (GH) Elizabeth has a tough choice to make. There are currently three different sociopaths in Port Charles who could conceivably offer her the promise of a Happily Ever After.

There’s her first homicidal love, the Jason who took a break from hit-manning to father her (favorite) son, Jake. And then there’s the guy who thinks he’s Jason and is crushed by the possibility that he might not be the real McCoy. We’re not 100% sure which one is which yet, but, either way, both have memories of romance with Liz (Rebecca Herbst).

And then there’s the sociopath who was obsessed with Original Recipe Jason (Steve Burton) to the point where he committed several murders of his own. But then he had a tumor removed and – all better now!

So which prize should Liz end up with? Over 10,000 fans played matchmaker!

Franco, My Dear
A single Franco (Roger Howarth) who knows who he is for certain beats a pair of confused Jasons, assert 57% of you.

Besides, Jake is more attached to Franco than he is to either of his other Daddy candidates these days, and since Jake is the only child Liz cares about – or remembers to feed on a regular basis, she might as well stay the course.

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Whoever turns out to be Jason, whoever turns out to be Drew, the fact is, only one of them will end up with Sam (Kelly Monaco).

Which will leave another free and clear, and 42% of you believe Liz deserves first crack at the leftover Jason. He’ll either be Jake’s father, or his uncle, but a blood relative, nonetheless.

Liz and Jason never had the chance to be together and raise their son as a family (plus, those other two brothers, sure). And you don’t believe she’ll be able to pass the opportunity up.

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