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General Hospital (GH) Star Lexi Ainsworth Is Ready For the Daytime Emmys


Soap Hub recently caught up with General Hospital (GH) star Lexi Ainsworth as she prepared for Sunday night’s Daytime Emmy ceremony.

Read what she had to say on this year’s awards.

Congrats on your nomination. What did you submit?
Most of what I submitted were scenes dealing with Kristina coming out to her dad (Sonny) and mom (Alexis), trying to explain her sexuality.

They’re not easy conversations to have, and she doesn’t know one way or another [who she is.] She’s trying to tell her parents she’s not sure. It’s a lot of that material.

Do you have a speech?
I had one the last time I was nominated. And I was so nervous about it. When I didn’t win, I took a big sigh of relief because I’m terrified of public speaking, which is totally different from acting because with one I’m on stage by myself.

Maybe take on a character when you’re accepting or up on stage?
Maybe. Yeah. Okay. I could try that. I could try that!

Your TV mom [Nancy Lee Grahn, Alexis, nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress] has been a voracious supporter of yours on social media, saying you deserve to win.
I think she deserves it, too. She’s a great, talented woman and she’s an amazing person who’s helped me during my time on General Hospital. She’s like my second mom. She has this maternal thing with me. She’s very supportive and I think that’s great.

Kristina got to rip into Alexis and berate other family members over choices they’ve made while her relationship with Parker was heavily criticized by people close to her. Was that this year — or last?
That was this year. [But] I’ll have it for next year. Yay!

Do you have a dress for Sunday?
I do. It always comes down to my trying to find one, but then I end up [borrowing] one from the show. I don’t want to give too much away, but you guys will probably recognize it.

Have you met your competition?
“Competition?” I hate that word! I worked with Hunter [King, Summer, The Young and the Restless] on a movie, A Girl Like Her.

I know her really well. I just met Reign [Edwards, Nicole, The Bold and the Beautiful] a few days ago. And I know Chloe [Lanier, Nelle] who’s on our show.

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