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Lean On Me: Who Should Support Liz on General Hospital?

General Hospital ElizabethGeneral Hospital Elizabeth

Life just refuses to cut General Hospital’s Liz a break. Her latest trauma is losing her husband Franco (Roger Howarth) to a stray bullet. Now she’s a widow with three sons to support.

General Hospital Polling

Who should she turn to for support during this difficult time? What almost 5,000 had to say about the options we presented:

Step In Mom

Since Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) mother had opted to be a no-show through every single moment of her younger daughter’s life, Liz has long turned to Laura (Genie Francis) for support and advice. Laura talked Liz through her rape, and they turned to each other after Lucky’s (Jonathan Jackson) first death.

That’s why 47% urge Liz to go to Laura again. She’s already made clear what she thinks of all three of Liz’s boys – not just Aiden – her grandsons. That makes Liz a surrogate daughter.

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Remember Me

Hey, remember Liz’s friend, Terry, 41% of the audience reminds. She doesn’t have much to do beyond stepping in when somebody needs her. Here’s an opportunity for some screen time! Not to mention actually giving Terry a personality beyond one character trait.

Been There, Done That

A smaller 8% of you suggested Sam (Kelly Monaco). Sure, she and Liz were never exactly friends. In fact, the word enemies might be more appropriate. But Sam is used to husbands dropping dead on her. So why not offer Liz the benefit of her accumulated wisdom? At best, she can teach Liz how to move on quickly. Sam is good at that.

More Friends

Portia (Brook Kerr) has also been there for Liz, more about their kids than about relationship things. But 4% think she is more than capable of taking it up a notch. Maybe she and Terry can tag team and the three women can form a posse. We’ll get to know all three of them better. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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