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CAUGHT! Will Nelle Try To Kill Michael On General Hospital (GH)?


We’re coming close to the point of no return on General Hospital (GH), as Nelle’s schemes come closer to succeeding… or falling apart.

Even if Nelle (Chloe Lanier) pulls off getting Carly (Laura Wright) put away for good, will Michael (Chad Duell) get caught when trying to put a stop to it?

What will Nelle do then? Might she resort to murder? Here’s how over 7,000 fans expect this Oedipal triangle to play out:

Anything Goes!
Nelle will do anything to secure the good life for herself – and, sure, her baby, too, opine 90% of the audience, and murder is most definitely not off the table.

With Michael dead, Carly will have lost her last son. Which will make her suffer. Which will make Nelle happy.

Plus, Nelle’s baby will become the heir Michael would have been, Corinthos and Quartermaine.

A dead Michael is a can’t-sue-for-custody Michael, a can’t-bad-mouth-Nelle-to-the-baby Michael, and no-more-looking-at-me-with-those-puppy-dog-eyes-Michael.

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Really, there’s no downside to this. Well, except for getting caught.

Not So Fast
Nelle isn’t that far gone, a minority 10% of you counter. She’s not a killer. And she’s not stupid.

It’s not just the risk of getting caught, it’s also the fact that, so far, other than Joss (Eden McCoy), Michael has been her main supporter despite the fact that she’s onto her.

With him gone, Carly and Sonny (Maurice Benard) would have a much easier time ripping Nelle to shreds. They’ll steal her baby and never look back.

Besides, Nelle loves Michael. In her own twisted way. She grew up with a guy who’d sell her for spare parts. She is desperately looking for a family and some affection. She sees Michael as her shot at getting all that. Plus a lot of money.

Because she’s not stupid. But, she is crazy.

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