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Should Sam Kiss and Tell…Jason To Forget Carly on General Hospital (GH)?

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For decades, General Hospital (GH) fans have debated about who the true love of Jason’s life is? Is it Sam? Is it Elizabeth? There are those who insist that it’s Sonny (Maurice Benard). At long last, we know: It’s Carly (Laura Wright). Maybe?

Carly is the most important person in Jason’s (Steve Burton) life. He would give up anything to help her, including his kids and his job in order to run off with her to Canada, and prevent Carly from paying the price for her own actions.

(No, she didn’t push Nelle down the stairs, but she is certainly reaping what she sowed, both in how she treated the younger woman, and about how she herself behaved when she was Nelle’s age.)

But not all fans are on board with this plan. They have a solution: The next time Jason waxes poetic about Carly, Sam should just kiss him and shut him up. To remind Jason what he’d be missing. Almost 7,000 voted on whether it will work:

Just Do It
Yes, brilliant idea, 77% of the audience cheers! Just the wake up call Jason needs! Liz is busy with her other killer-with-a-heart-of-gold boyfriend, which means the path is clear for Sam and Jason – Drew (Billy Miller) Who?

But not if Carly keeps getting in the way! Get your man, Sam!

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Self Determination
If Jason wants to throw his life away over Carly so soon after getting it back, let him, 22% of you shrug. Sam can do better – Drew! Whoo!

And if Jason is too stupid to see what he’s doing, one kiss isn’t going to be enough to set him straight. If Jason was willing to let Sam make her own decisions, she should return the favor. Go to Canada, Jason! Freeze alongside Carly! It’s not Sam’s job to protect you from yourself!

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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