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Has Kim Found Her Sperm Donor On General Hospital?

Franco and Kim General HospitalFranco and Kim General Hospital

We now need a scorecard to keep up with all the Drew Cains and Jason Morgans on General Hospital. The one saving grace is they don’t all look alike, so it’s slightly easier. However, for a grieving Kim — a woman who clearly wasn’t in her right mind at all this summer — what’s in a face?

We know losing Oscar (Garren Stitt) led her to do some out-of-character (?) things. First, she wanted to create a new Oscar with Julian (William deVry), who wasn’t there for it.

Then, she realized her new baby would be even more Oscar-like if she made her baby with Drew (Billy Miller), Oscar’s father. Sure, Drew doesn’t look like the Drew she loved, but what difference did that make to Kim (Tamara Braun)?

Well, it made so little difference that when Drew balked the same way Julian did, she just said ‘meh’ and drugged him to try to force sex for baby-making, aka, rape for baby-making.

Kim has admitted that was wrong (ya think?) but wait — Drew is back. Her Drew. The Drew that loves her and apparently the Drew she compared to Tom Cruise in his Navy whites. (We assume she saw A Few Good Men.) Except well, he looks like Franco. And well, that’s because he IS Franco. And, he’s married to one of Kim’s BFFs, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).

That should stop Kim from falling for this guy with Drew’s memories, right? Especially because she’s supposed to be moving to NY with Julian?

No, we think not. In fact, we can see the wheels turning in Kim’s head any day now. Franco acts like Drew, will say he loves her, and knows all about the whirlwind romance that led to Oscar. It’s like Kim struck gold.

And, technically, her Oscar re-creation will have some of the same DNA as the original if she gets what she wants out of Franco, so to speak. After all, Franco, Drew, and Jason are all cousins on their mothers’ side. What more could Kim want? Hmmm…General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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