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‘Kaura’ Strength: Do General Hospital (GH) Fans Miss These Newlyweds?

Kevin and Laura General HospitalKevin and Laura General Hospital

The biggest supercouple that General Hospital (GH) – or any soap – ever saw was Luke and Laura.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Lucy (Lynn Herring) were also pretty popular, on both GH and Port Charles (PC).

So the appeal of ‘Kaura,’ Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) and Laura (Genie Francis), snuck up on fans. However, the charm of this second (or third, or fourth) time around the block pair proved undeniable… until Laura was unceremoniously shipped out of town (and Francis taken off contract).

Do you miss the newlyweds? Here’s what over 5,000 viewers had to say:

Come Back, We Hardly Knew Ye!
We got a wedding… but no honeymoon (well, a brief one), lament 95% of the audience. Kevin and Laura were barely on while they were dating, and most of their romance happened off-screen, but you shut up and put up with that.

You thought things would get better after the wedding (which Lucky somehow didn’t see fit to attend, but that’s another gripe).

Instead, Laura high-tailed it to Paris for Spencer’s sake, and Kevin is still in Port Charles, walking around with brains in jars and trying to get to the bottom of what makes Franco (Roger Howarth)… Franco. This is not what you signed on for!

Take a Break
It’s hard to be invested in a couple when you hardly ever see them, dismiss 7% of you. Laura being gone for her and Kevin’s marriage is the same as them both being gone for large chunks of their courtship.

You didn’t miss them on-screen when they both supposedly lived in town, and you don’t miss them now that they’re presumably Skyping a lot. Laura can stay with Spencer nurse those two broken legs. He needs some good parenting since both his folks are (allegedly) dead.

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