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General Hospital Poll: Which Boy Do You Prefer For Josslyn?

Josslyn and Dev General HospitalJosslyn and Dev General Hospital

Oscar has been dead… how many months now, on General Hospital? Sure, Joss  is all, “Boo-hoo, my boyfriend’s brain melted, I can’t possibly be expected to go to school, where every gym sock and textbook reminds me of our lost love.”

But almost 15,000 fans are pretty unanimous in thinking Joss needs to move on from Oscar (Garren Stitt). The only question is, which guy is the next right one for her…

General Hospital Poll Results

It’s no contest, as 76% of you are rooting for the friend who was there for both Joss and Oscar through thick and thin. Sure, Joss’ mom, Carly (Laura Wright), hates Cam’s (William Lipton) mom, Liz (Rebecca Herbst). But Carly hates everyone not connected to the mob, so Joss’s options are pretty limited there anyway.

Cam is sweet and caring and devoted and an overall good guy. So what are the odds a teenage girl like Joss would ever find that appealing? You’d really like to see them give it a try. As long as Joss doesn’t kill off this one the way she did her last boyfriend. Or Sonny (Maurice Benard) put out a hit on him… out of habit.

One Step Ahead Of The Lawman

And then there are the 24% of General Hospital fans who is on the side of Dev (Ashton Arbab). He’s the street urchin Sonny first befriended in Turkey, and now he wants to adopt him.

What could go wrong with putting a kid who grew up on the street in the same house with the spoiled mafia princess that is Joss? He’s exotic, mature, hormonal… Teenage girls aren’t into that sort of thing, are they?

The one-fourth of viewers who voted for Dev sure hope they do. Cam may be sweet, but he isn’t exactly hot and dangerous. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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