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Why Cameron Webber Is EVERYTHING On General Hospital

General Hospital Cameron WebberGeneral Hospital Cameron Webber

It’s hard not to love Cameron Webber on General Hospital these days, especially since he appears to be the writers’ favorite character — or at least he seems to be getting the best writing. It doesn’t hurt that William Lipton is one of the best young finds in ages and we fully expect to see him winning a Daytime Emmy shortly.

But there is so much more as to why the character has captivated and won over the cynical audience and even more cynical soap press to be the character to watch in Port Charles. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Father Figure
Cam has had several fathers over his young life — and none of them have stuck around. He’s used to being disappointed and has acted out accordingly. He didn’t trust Franco (Roger Howarth) and made him earn it but the man finally did.

Now that Franco essentially gave up his life to save Cam’s, the young man is devastated — but also determined to find a way to put his family back together — not just for his own sake but for his mom and younger brothers who need him just as much as he does.

The Good Son
With Franco seemingly gone, Cam has once again stepped up to be the man of the family. He’s Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) rock. He takes care of his brothers, often staying with them while she’s gone.

He knows they could get picked on, and he’ll make sure no one pulls anything. He’s determined to be the best big brother, which just makes him even more awesome.

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You Gotta Have Friends
Cam came off a jerk to Oscar (Garren Stitt) because he wanted to be with Joss (Eden McCoy) and she had picked Oscar. Instead of the cliché triangle, Cam stepped up for the sick young man. Despite his best efforts, he let Oscar in and the two became very close.

Cam is also good pals with Trina, and he’s done everything he can to be there for Joss as a pal, knowing that is what she needs right now. He’s a standup guy — and we can’t help but adore that in him. He’s even nice to Dev, the shifty “cousin” hanging out with Joss. It’s great to see these kids being there for each other.

The Hero
The best part about Cam is he is the only one calling this Drewed-up version of Franco on his baloney. He doesn’t care to walk on eggshells with the adult. He tells him exactly what he thinks of him, standing up for his mom and his family.

While he knows he has no control in this situation, he refuses to sit by silently. Go get ‘em, Cam. We can’t wait to see what you do next. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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