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Should Jason Try THIS to Win Back Sam on General Hospital (GH)?

General Hospital, Steve BurtonGeneral Hospital, Steve Burton

On General Hospital (GH), Jason has done everything he knows how to in order to win his wife, Sam, back from the guy who took over Jason’s life.

Jason wore a tight black T-shirt. He brooded. He looked vaguely pained. He went back to killing folks for Sonny (Maurice Benard). That all worked before! What’s the hold-up? (Ha, hold-up, see what we did there?)

Except all the old classics aren’t exactly stirring up old feelings. Silly Sam (Kelly Monaco) seems to prefer the impostor, no T-shirts, no brooding — he even cracks a smile once in a while. Oh, and Sonny. Drew (Billy Miller) refuses to work for Sonny!

Is that what it’s going to take? Will Jason (Steve Burton) need to bite the bullet (ha, more mobster humor) and go legit in order to woo back Sam?

I Am What I Am, and That’s All That I Am
A Jason who puts his wife and children ahead of Sonny’s whims is no Jason you want to watch, insist 73% of the fans. And you doubt Sam would want him either.

Let her play house — and media mogul — with the pale imitation, and spin Original Recipe Jason into the orbit of a woman who loves her men dangerous… and vaguely homicidal. How about Nina (Michelle Stafford)?

Her past includes Franco (Roger Howarth). Her present includes Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). If anything, she’ll find Jason too tame…

Fight For Your Woman!
Sam is making clear what she wants in a man, and 26% of you demand Jason give it to her. It would make a nice change of pace to watch Jason Morgan embrace his long-lost Jason Quartermaine.

Bring on the infamous Christmas sweater! ‘Tis the season, after all. Now, where did we hang that mistletoe?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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