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A Jason Jamboree! Two Jasons? TWINS? And What About Billy Miller?

Since General Hospital (GH) confirmed that Steve Burton would be returning to the soap soon, the Internet has been abuzz with fans wondering how Port Charles will handle two Jasons for the “price” of one.

To that end, many have wondered if there will be two Jasons at all.

And of course, social media has been keeping busy with a variety of hints dropped wondering what could be going on.

Last week, Burton posted an Instagram pic of him in one of his favorite Jason scenes, asking if he’ll soon play “this guy” again.

Then, this past weekend, Kelly Monaco tweeted (and she VERY rarely tweets) a pic of what seemed to be Sam on Jason’s shoulders (and it seemed to be a Steve Burton Jason, but we only saw the backs of their heads) with the hashtag “Deuces.”

Of course, deuces can mean anything. Perhaps there will be two men walking around Port Charles with Jason Morgan’s memories (and one with his original face) or perhaps Susan really did have twins and Burton will be playing that twin.

That’s exactly what Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens hinted towards as fans tweeted to him asking what he knows. At one point, he mentioned the name Susan several times, and even tweeted a meme of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins.

While hints can be fun, we still don’t know for sure what’s going to happen, but it still leaves many wondering what will become of Billy Miller if Burton does play Jason. Would he leave the show since this is the character he signed on to portray?

Well, according to more reports, Miller recently resigned with GH, but there has been no confirmation from the soap as of yet. Still, with Miller likely sticking around, a twin storyline seems more likely.

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