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The Jason and Curtis Bromance: Back ON Again!

General HospitalJason and Curtis on General Hospital

Fans were shattered when it looked like the start of the beautiful friendship we saw with the Jason and Curtis bromance was nothing more than a false start on General Hospital.

Jason (Billy Miller) couldn’t believe Curtis (Donnell Turner) wanted to give the info they found to the cops, but Curtis wanted his badge back and Jordan promised to deliver.

Well, we all know Jordan (Vinessa Antoine). She’s not always a woman of her word and seems to be in everything mainly for herself. While she’s clearly attracted to Curtis, she reneges on their deal next week, sending Curtis right back where he belongs–to Jason.

While they were apart, Curtis nearly slept with Jordan, but she hit the breaks super fast. At the same time, Jason spent some time in the hospital after being poisoned.

However, according to the February 6 issue of Soap Opera Digest, the joy that is Jason and Curtis will light up our screens once again.

Curtis is not a happy man and determined to prove something to Jordan and solve this case that he’s been working on now for months. He tells Jason he’s ready to go, so maybe Sonny and Carly can finally learn how Morgan died and why.

The story brings a whole other level to Jason as well. He started investigating Morgan’s death to help his former best bud, Sonny. But, Jason has moved on and while he will always be Sonny’s friend, they can never be what they once were to each other.

He has a new BFF and partner-in-crime now and that’s Curtis. The dynamic between Billy Miller…continue reading on the next page —>

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