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Is It Time To Revisit The Andre And Anna Connection On General Hospital (GH)?

Andre and Anna on General HospitalAndre and Anna on General Hospital

General Hospital (GH) has been teasing an Andre and Anna pairing for nearly two years, ever since the good Dr. Maddox was introduced to the Port Charles scene, but so far we’ve seen everything but.

Andre (Anthony Montgomery) started out as Anna’s (Finola Hughes) psychiatrist after she couldn’t handle her guilt over allegedly killing Carlos. She confessed what happened to her new shrink, and his hippocratic oath kept him from turning her in.

The secret between them led to a deep and trusting friendship, and it became obvious Anna developed some romantic feelings for Andre when he began dating Jordan, one of her best friends.

Even Jordan noticed the connection between Andre and Anna, which led to some extreme jealousy and face slapping (Jordan to Andre, of course). During this time, Anna became deeply involved with Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) story, and Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Andre broke up.

Clearly, Valentin loves Nina (Michelle Stafford), Jordan has moved on with Curtis (Donnell Turner), so what about Andre and Anna? Soap Hub asked if it’s time to finally go deeper than friendship, and it seems the jury is out on this one.

Let’s Get It On Already!
Out of nearly 7,000 votes, more than half of you want to see Andre and Anna together, but not much more than half at 56%. You saw the chemistry when Andre first arrived in Port Charles.

Learning he was also a WSB agent sealed the deal for you because now they even had something in common. You’ve been waiting a long time for an Andre and Anna romance and feel ready.

Just Friends
Then, there are 44% of you who hope they stay in the friend zone. You’re not sure what should happen to poor Andre, but just want Robert to return for Anna once and for all.

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