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Is Drew Afraid Of His Own Memories On General Hospital (GH)?

Sam and Drew General HospitalSam and Drew General Hospital

Sometimes it seems that Drew wants to just live his life as Sam’s husband remembering years together they never really shared on General Hospital (GH).

Drew (Billy Miller) knows he lived a whole other life as a Navy SEAL before he ever got his twin brother’s memories, but he certainly doesn’t seem intent on finding them. Sure, he’s curious every once in a while, but he does not seem to have the drive that Jason (Steve Burton) does to learn what really happened to them.

Of course, Jason lost his life while Drew is now living it, with Jason’s (now-ex) wife. Maybe Jason has more at stake. Or, maybe it’s something else.

Soap Hub asked if you think Drew even wants his memories back and if not, what’s stopping him from pushing hard? About 5,000 of you weighed in.

Who Knows What’s Out There?
More than half of you, 54% to be exact, say Drew is afraid of what he might find if those memories were returned or mapped back into his brain.

He’s already heard from Kim he could have quite a temper.

He may also be afraid he may feel love for another woman (perhaps Kim) if he gets his own memories back. He’s so determined to hold onto Sam that perhaps he fears being the one who lets go.

Give Me Back My Past
Then, there are 46% of you who believe Drew is desperate for those memories but is frustrated because he keeps hitting dead ends. You can’t imagine him wanting to continue living with someone else’s memories when his are out there just waiting for him. You even think he wants to truly know Kim so he can bond with Oscar.

We’ll have to see the way this goes, but right now to us, Drew seems like a very scared and angry man–and sometimes, who can blame him?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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