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Impeachment Chaos: Why Is General Hospital The Only MIA Soap?

General Hospital News AlertGeneral Hospital News Alert

We are well into the second week of The Impeachment Trial of President Donald J. Trump and all but one soap opera has made its way back to us. The only one now missing is General Hospital and we barely get a reason why or any real updates.

ABC: Give Us Back General Hospital

NBC entered the 21st century a while ago and it’s been a long-standing policy in recent years of putting Days of Our Lives on, and now the DAYS App, when the soap is disrupted by news coverage.

By the end of last week, CBS realized it could sneak in a little The Young and the Restless on the East Coast and even a whole The Bold and the Beautiful on the West Coast and used CBS All Access and to make sure the soap got out there for fans to see.

But ABC seems to remain adamant that General Hospital not be seen at all as long as any of the 2 PM EST hour is taken up by news. On Tuesday, the trial wrapped up pretty early and every market that gets GH at 3 PM EST, as well as the West Coast, could have seen the show. Instead, ABC gave everyone a repeat.

On Monday, the show tweeted a video of Laura Wright and Steve Burton letting us know the show will be back eventually and to keep checking social media for updates.

About 30 hours later, there was finally an update. No GH. But, hey, here are Josh Swickard and Katelyn MacMullen to tell you that GH will be back…just not sure when.

We know this trial will go on until at least Friday. If the Senate votes to call witnesses (which are necessary in any American trial that’s an actual trial), then it will go well into next week and beyond. So, how long does ABC think it can keep this up?

Fans are absolutely and rightfully angered by the disruption and refusal to use modern technology to bring us General Hospital. We can easily see that on Soap Hub’s own Facebook groups and throughout Twitter. In fact, GH fans feel slighted not that they know CBS has joined NBC, offering another way to watch BB and YR.

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