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Hey, Ava! Remember THE PILLS on General Hospital?

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This time Ava didn’t do what she’s specifically accused of on General Hospital (for a change), but we all know she killed Morgan, something Scott had to remind her about today on General Hospital.

Ava (Maura West) just needs to leave that information in the back of her devious and demented mind in order to live with herself. Sure, she knows she switched Morgan’s bipolar meds, but that little act couldn’t possibly have led to his death.

As she claimed innocence for an hour today, she just HAD to keep saying “I didn’t do what they said I did” because at least that’s true.  But, she did do…the other thing.

We were afraid GH might have dropped this story as it’s been so long since she switched those pills. We still have no freakin’ clue why Lucy was ever brought into the equation for no apparent reason, but it really is about time the other shoe dropped on this one. Ava is guilty as sin because her act directly led to Morgan stealing that car.

Hopefully, someone finds out about what Ava did sometime this month for a February sweeps explosion, so to speak. If Ava thought she was in trouble last week with a gun-wielding Sonny (Maurice Benard), wait until Hurricane Carly (Laura Wright) blows through.

And Carly is one reason this story has to see its end already. It was MONTHS ago when Carly went through Morgan’s journal and realized at some point he stopped taking his meds, but she didn’t understand why.

She suspected some sort of foul play, but like Lucy knowing what Ava did, that was dropped so Carly could fall more enamored of Nelle.

We still hope Avery blurts out the words “Morgan, Mommy, pills” one day at breakfast and that will be that. It really is the perfect way to do it, but sometimes we dream too high.

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