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Henrik, Henrik: The Man Who Ate General Hospital (GH)

Wes Ramsey General HospitalWes Ramsey General Hospital

At this point, we think the only major characters’ storyline Henrik Faison is NOT involved in on General Hospital (GH) is Liz and Franco’s… but at this point we say, give it time.

All Henrik (Wes Ramsey) had to be was the long-lost son of Anna (Finola Hughes) and Faison (Anders Hove), even if that thought is horrid enough. If the show insisted on going that way, the character COULD have stayed contained.

Instead, he’s busted out all over as “Peter August” weaves his web throughout town. While we do not believe Henrik is the deranged man his father was, he’s certainly not easy to trust or figure out.

But, do we even want to figure him out? While Wes Ramsey is doing a fine job, we do not understand why this character was necessary, but since he’s there, why oh why is he EVERYWHERE?

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Let’s see, as we stated above, he’s Anna’s secret son with Faison, except Anna doesn’t know Peter is the man she’s looking for.

He’s Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) partner in crime. Valentin’s wife, Nina (Michelle Stafford), doesn’t trust him so she’s hired Curtis (Donnell Turner) to dig up dirt, dragging him into this story.

Nina doesn’t trust him because of how he’s befriended her pregnant, widowed sister-in-law, Maxie. Meanwhile, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) has come to rely on him not knowing he is Henrik, her late husband’s half brother. She told Sam (Kelly Monaco) all about Peter and Sam seemed suspicious. When she found Curtis in Peter’s office, she decided to investigate him as well.

But Sam–and Drew–were already involved with this story because they are the ones who hired him to help run Aurora. And they did this …continue reading on the next page —>

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